• “Slovenian managers operate in a small country and therefore it is of vital importance that we can communicate in various foreign languages—not only English. A business relationship is not established only through the exchange of business data but also by getting to know your counterpart. Since managers suffer from a chronic lack of time, I find Karnion's method of intensive language learning extremely productive. I’d never dreamed that I would be able to use so many new words after only five days of training. The course includes a highly intensive activation of brain cells. I find it highly unlikely that you could learn anything in an hour a day taken out of your busy daily schedule. It is very important that we take time and, with the use of relaxation techniques, allow more knowledge into our minds. I came to Karnion with a clear goal in my mind—to make a speech in French at a conference—and the contents were prepared for me in accordance with my wishes.”
    Boštjan Gorjup
    director of BSH Hišni aparati d.o.o. and president of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia
  • Iza Login
    “I chose to study at Karnion is because their approach is holistic, learning is more effective and sustainable, and the knowledge you acquire is more firmly cemented in your long-term memory. Learning in alpha and theta states is definitely more effective than learning in either beta or gamma states. Of that I'm certain. What I liked most about Karnion was their attitude towards the customer. As a student, I was treated as a human being with her own needs, as a person who is perhaps a bit different from other people. All my needs were taken care of and all my wishes were heard.” 
    Iza Login
    the richest Slovenian woman
  • "Learning English according to the Karnion Superlearning method is highly efficient and at the same time pleasant and fun. What is more, it leads to new discoveries. Active listening is of vital importance together with pleasant and empathic conversation with a teacher."  
    dr. Marjan Zaletel
  • “I am completely satisfied with Karnion’s programmes, which are of high quality and yield concrete results in practice. If I had come across Dialogics sooner, I could have become a better leader faster and more easily.”
    Zdravko Počivalšek
    Minister of the Economy
  • "Learning English in Karnion was an exceptional experience for me. I can’t remember if I had ever before learnt so much in such a short time and with so much joy. Besides my amazing coach, who prepared specialised topics for me, those that I need for my work, I must say I was also fascinated by the environment. I could say I felt very far from the fast and hectic outside world. I warmly recommend Karnion to everyone who cares about themselves and their knowledge."
    Marjetka Vovk
    Singer in Maraya group
  • "What I like best about Karnion is that everything is done fast and well and that I always get feedback about my progress."
    Peter Prevc
    the best Slovenian ski-jumper

Karnion holistic centre

Why choose Karnion Superlearning®

On the market since 1991

The Karnion holistic centre has offered language learning in alpha state using the Karnion Superlearning method since 1991. We are unique in this area and boast plenty of experience and references.

Custom-made programmes

All our courses are custom-made: you will study the topics you are interested in and are useful for you in your private or professional life.

Alpha state measurements

Karnion is the only institution to measure alpha state and provide every participant with feedback regarding their level of relaxation.

Yellow light

We are the only one to use YELLOW LIGHT in the mind machine, which is not intrusive, it is soothing like the sun and in harmony with our breathing.

4 times faster to knowledge

We lead you to your language goal 4 times faster. In this process, you can have 7 experts taking care of you.

The only medicine-supported superlearning method

In Karnion your language goals will be taken care of holistically, using the only MEDICINE-SUPPORTED superlearning (oxygen treatment and bioresonance therapy) as well as additional complimentary workshops with a common title “How to achieve better learning results?”


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Which languages can you study?

You can study English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian for foreigners, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Latin.
You can also choose from he following specialised topics:

High-level business English

Financial topics

Personal excellence

Life coaching in English

Martin Kojc

The Textbook of Life in German and English

Business German

With the focus on medical workers and patients travelling abroad for treatment

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