Anti-stress programme


If your goal is to cleanse your body of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenalin) quickly and effectively, it is not necessary for you to visit a spa centre or have a professional massage. In Karnion you can achieve that much faster.

Together with superlearning programme (20 lessons), you can undergo a special de-stressing treatment which will eliminate a large amount of stress from your body (at least 70%), or, if you prefer, just experience relaxation in a modern and unforced way.

Peter Prevc - Karnion

Why should I choose the Karnion de-stressing programme?

  • It requires no mental strain on your part, you simply surrender to our state-of-the art technology and modern techniques
  • It teaches you how to relax quickly after a hard day
  • Your cortisol levels will decrease rapidly whereas your serotonin and endorphin levels will increase. This is crucial for having plenty of energy and being successful at work
  • You are able to enjoy yourself and achieve measurable results at the same time.


How do we pamper you?

Let us just reveal to you that you will enjoy yourself using the ALPHA chair and QRS Waver – two devices that utilise some the most up-to-date relaxation technologies. You will also experience the mind machine which uses a healing YELLOW light. It enables the secretion of serotonin and endorphin hormones and therefore cleanses your body of stress hormones.

Alfa počivalnik

ALPHA chair – a touch of eternity
– it has a unique energy effect on the human body and mind
– leads to deep relaxation (brain wave frequency between 8 and 12 Hertz)
– helps to release the built-up stress and improves inner balance
– enhances mental health and prevents the exhaustion of the mind
– eliminates stress
– enhances creativity
– increases the level of sensory experience
– releases new creative energy

QRS Waver:

An ideal resting-rocking chair for people who suffer from burnout syndrome or chronic fatigue. A soft, rocking feeling takes you back into your mother’s arms. Gentle music and sounds have a relaxing effect and lead you into alpha state – the state of “passive attention” and heightened suggestibility.


Možganski spodbujevalnik

The mind machine cleanses your body of stress hormones using a healing yellow light.


Sprostitev Karnion

After great relaxation you can have a drink and enjoy an amazing view.

The de-stressing programme can be carried out on an hourly basis. However, at the beginning it is recommendable to choose packages of 6 or 10 hours since, in this way, the results are optimal.

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