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The Karnion method, which includes listening in the alpha state, in which the content is remembered 4 times faster and goes directly into your long-term memory, and one-on-one conversation with a teacher, has become widely known and appreciated since we have already been on the market for 25 years. Language knowledge cannot be acquired only through conversation, listening is of utmost importance. During listening you will obtain new vocabulary which you will activate during conversation lessons. As you know, we learn our mother tongue with listening to our parents or other care-givers and in this way, this method represents the most natural way of learning.

Primož Kozmus, Olympic gold medal winner

Primož Kozmus, Olympic gold medal winner:

»I’m learning 3 foreign languages in Karnion simply because the superlearning Karnion method is the most effective.”

What does the course look like?

The superlearning method will produce optimal results if you decide to take at least 4 Italian lessons a day. We recommend at least 40 lessons, especially for beginners.

Prior to the beginning of the course, you are tested to assess your knowledge (understanding, writing, reading and speaking) according to the European criteria of foreign language knowledge (levels between A1 and C2). According to the results, a custom-made programme is prepared for you. For example, if you are already able to communicate in Italian but you have some gaps from a basic level, only these gaps are filled and then learning is continued on a higher level. This is quite impossible in language schools that carry out courses according to fixed programmes (books).

Individual approach


Italian is a very melodious language and Italy is a beautiful country for cultural, artistic and touristic exploring. It also offers plenty of business opportunities. Listening to Italian lessons in alpha state represents a de-stressing trip for your ears. You will master active listening in no time and later practise speaking with a teacher.

After a 40-lesson course, you will be able to communicate in everyday situations. If you require, special materials can be prepared.

tečaj italijanščine za potovanje v Rim


Italy is our neighbouring country and one of the most important business partners. It offers many new business opportunities.

In Karnion, a custom-made programme can be prepared for you with contents you need in your professional life, starting at level A2.

With the knowledge of everyday communication you will make a good impression on your Italian business partners who do not speak foreign languages.

One of the top oncologists, dr Janja Ocvirk, MD took a couple of training courses in Karnion

»I look forward to learning foreign languages in Karnion. It is my assessment that the way of teaching is exceptional. As a participant, you do not only study a foreign language, you are treated holistically.«


Like for other foreign languages, we also offer exam preparation in Italian.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the positive energy in our centre.

Ambient tečaj italijanščine

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