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KARNION is definitely the fastest language learning method. We are the only one in Slovenia to use dr. Lozanov’s method of foreign language learning in alpha state in combination with mind machine technology using YELLOW light.

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Why use slow and out-dated methods of learning if our method allows you to reach your goal 4 times faster, or in other words, in 40 hours you save 200 hours of conventional methods.

 KARNION 8 hours a day (1 person)OTHER SCHOOLS (conventional methods) 3 hours 2 times a week (3-12 people)
Number of hoursNumber of weeksNumber of hoursNumber of weeks

The facts below will make your decision easier:


  • Only YELLOW light in our mind machine helps decrease the frequency of your brain waves and simultaneously keeps you in a state of attention which will activate your long-term memory and allow you to retain the knowledge in your mind for a longer time. 
    Colours are an important part of external information which the brain receives though visual pathways. There are many examples from every day life. The red light on the traffic lights and the STOP sign signify prohibition, therefore, red colour causes alarm reaction in the body. The secretion of adrenaline, noradrenaline and dopamine – stress hormones increases. The same is true for the heart rate frequency, muscular activity and blood pressure. On the other hand, yellow colour does not signify danger. It signifies attention (for example, the yellow light on the traffic-lights). It enabled the activity of the cortex, rational reasoning and learning. In combination with pleasant music, the yellow colour enables optimal learning and knowledge retention. This plays an important role in foreign language learning where the ratio between learning and attention is crucial.
    Prof Marjan Zaletel, MD, specialist neurologist
  • The measuring of alpha state allows us to offer you an on-the-spot feedback regarding the level of knowledge retention
    “Their method is highly-effective since learning is carried out in alpha state. They measure your level of relaxation while listening. Our own experience proves that their measurements are accurate and represent your actual state.” Akron company, Medvode
  • Active listening is a short-cut to language knowledge.
    You learn in a similar way a child up to the age of six learns their mother tongue, naturally by listening to their parents and repeating. It is not possible to learn a language only through conversation. It is important that we listen first to get the so-called input. It is only after that that we can communicate. In Karnion, these two processes are carried out alternately, which makes the lessons very dynamic.
  • Accumulation effect
    Since accumulation effect is crucial in alpha state, you will have at least 4 lessons a day and your 40-hour programme will be carried out in no more than 3 weeks. As a result, your progress will be very quick and clearly visible.
    Learning in alpha state with the use of yellow light activates your long-term memory and allows you to retain the knowledge for a longer time, compared to conventional methods where students mostly use short-term memory.
    When we relax using a yellow light, more serotonin and endorphins are secreted in our body (effect similar to the sun’s), therefore, stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol) are eliminated in a natural way. Using medical technology, which is an integral part of our programme (bio resonance magnetic Vita life therapy, dr. Arden’s oxygen therapy, QRS Waver relaxation), at least 60% of stress will be eliminated from your body. Karnion is the only centre to carry out medicine-supported superlearning which allows you to remember a great amount of information.
    Since language learning is also a highly effective memory fitness training, your memory will improve by at least 20%. We use different methods, technology and teaching approaches to boost your memory, the effects of which you will notice also in other areas of your life.



Foreign language courses according to the superlearning method are concise, one-on-one courses consisting of at least 4 to 8 lessons a day.

Our students most frequently choose the following options:

  • 10 working days of 4 lessons a day in two consecutive weeks
  • 5 consecutive working days of 8 lessons a day
  • 3 working days in one week and 2 working days in the following week of 8 lessons a day
  • Weekend packages: the 40-lesson programme can be carried out during weekends or in combination with working days.

You can also choose a shorter, 20-lesson version of the course;


Sara superučenje

You can study the following languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Slovenian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Serbian and Croatian;


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