Presentation of the centre

You have probably asked yourself many times how to maximise your potentials, how to raise the level of your consciousness and truly do something for yourself.

But there is so little time.

You are kindly invited to visit us in Karnion – the only holistic centre in Slovenia which has been working on developing holistic programmes since 1991. What does holistic mean? It is the development of social, emotional, personal and spiritual intelligence. It is also a great opportunity for every individual on the path to self-realisation to develop all their potentials and enrich their lives.

In Karnion you can get on the part to a holistic life by enrolling in one of our three programmes depending on your personal preference: fast foreign language learning according to the Karnion superlearning method, Dialogics – the language of responsibility or a 4-year specialist study of psychodynamics.

The only holistic centre for developing personal excellence in Slovenia.

We have been present in Slovenia since 1991 and therefore have a lot of experience and many references.

It is our goal to motivate our participants to become self-realised and achieve personal excellence. We train Slovenian and foreign people in leadership positions to become successful leaders able to manage their work and life effectively.

Holistični center Karnion

Our characteristics

We have utmost respect for your time and money. We are fully aware that time means more than money nowadays and have consequently developed programmes that equip you with relevant knowledge in a short period of time.

We respect your creativity and innovativeness – we want you to co-create our programmes.

We respect your personality – the learning programme uses the most up-to-date methods carried out by highly-skilled professionals.

We respect your need for privacy – we offer you one-on-one courses

One of the major goals of our programmes, besides providing you with new knowledge and skills, is to encourage your personal growth.

We boost your self-confidence and aim to lead you to self-realisation.

We know how to find the connection between useful and pleasant – learning in a relaxed state in pleasant environment

Goals and sources

To encourage students on their path to personal excellence to be able to manage their life and work efficiently.

To raise the level of personal, emotional and spiritual intelligence which leads to success in private and business life and a higher level of consciousness.

To spread the culture of proper communication and gracious dialogue.


We offer people in leadership positions as well as future leaders personal support and advice with leading.
Needs, requirements and motives of our focus group are assesses regularly which results in flexible solutions found in a short period of time.




Continuous personal growth and professional development

Innovativeness and pioneer mentality – we are the only centre of this kind in Slovenia.


Our mission is to raise the level of business etiquette in Slovenian and foreign business arena, to teach and motivate people in leading positions to aim for personal growth and good interpersonal relationships.

We coach top leadership teams to make them even more successful by mastering the skills of effective leadership.

We offer our clients to connect the pleasant with the useful, knowledge and health (active holidays, language spa).

We help to overcome hurdles in communication, decision-making and finding creative solutions.

Bojana Fende Habula

The founder and director of Karnion – Mrs Bojana Fende Habula

Did you know?

Superlearning is a method developed in the 1960s by Georgi Lozanov, the Bulgarian doctor, psychiatrist and researcher in the field of education. His subjects were able to learn 1500 new words a day.

Dialogics was introduced, instead of rhetoric, into more prestigious foreign universities and secondary schools already in the 19 century. One-way communication was replaced by the language of effective communication and management. As a result of this, foreign managers that are promoted to leading positions are equipped with all knowledge needed for leading people.

Two key signs of a person’s level of etiquette are:

  • The extend and quality of their active listening skills
  • The level of harmony between their thoughts, words and actions
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