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The Karnion method, which includes listening in the alpha state, in which the content is remembered 4 times faster and goes directly into your long-term memory, and one-on-one conversation with a teacher, has become widely known and appreciated since we have already been on the market for 25 years. Language knowledge cannot be acquired only through conversation, listening is of utmost importance. During listening you will obtain new vocabulary which you will activate during conversation lessons. As you know, we learn our mother tongue with listening to our parents or other care-givers and in this way, this method represents the most natural way of learning.

Many people consider German to be a hard language without any music to the ear. However, this perception changes when we start to study it in the right way, not only through articles, conjugations and declinations. When that happens, the language becomes very interesting and for Slovenian people also very useful in the business world. A good command of German will enable you to do business more successfully as well as obtain a better job.

We recommend you to start learning German using the superlearning Karnion method since it will enable you to start speaking after only 40 lessons.

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gospod Dr Danijel Bešič Loredan, MD, specialist of orthopaedic surgery:

“I accepted work in Switzerland without any knowledge of German, so I looked for a quick and effective solution which I found in Karnion.
On September 13 2013 I took a training course in Zurich and on January 21 2014 I started independent work in surgery, using German, of course.

If it hadn’t been for Karnion, I would have returned to Slovenia without a job in November. Their individual approach, following student’s wishes and needs, adaptability and efficiency together with highly professional approach and friendliness are all characteristics of the Karnion team.

I attended various courses in Zurich in that short period of time and I must say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I hadn’t studied German in Karnion. Karnion was a great investment in language knowledge that led to exceptional results in an extremely short period of time.

I warmly recommend Karnion to all who wish to learn a foreign language quickly and efficiently.

It’s worth it!

What does the course look like?

The course is quite intensive; it is usually comprised of 4 or 8 lessons a day. To achieve maximum accumulation effect in speaking, we recommend that a 40–lesson training course is completed in 7-14 days.

Prior to the beginning of the course, you are tested to assess your knowledge (understanding, writing, reading and speaking) according to the European criteria of foreign language knowledge (levels between A1 and C2). According to the results, a custom-made programme is prepared for you. For example, if you are already able to communicate in German but you have some gaps from a basic level, only these gaps are filled and then learning is continued on a higher level. This is quite impossible in language school that carry out courses according to fixed programmes (books).


According to conventional methods, a beginner needs about 800 lessons to achieve level B2. In Karnion we can guide you to the same result in 200 lessons, whereas it would take you 1,074 lessons to achieve that in Slovenian school system.

 KARNION 8 hours a day (1 person)OTHER SCHOOLS (conventional methods) 3 hours 2 times a week (3-12 people)
Number of hoursNumber of weeksNumber of hoursNumber of weeks

Superučenje Karnion tečaj nemščine


Many of our students have taken exams in other institutions and we are proud to say that all of them have passed them. After taking a course in Karnion, an exam that you need to pass at a faculty or an international exam your employer expects you to pass will no longer be so far out of reach as it may seem today.
We will prepare the specific programme that you need, such as matura exam, German language exams at faculties, international exams.


  • Dr Amadej Lah, MBBS, specialist surgeon – passed B2 level exam and obtained Goethe Zertifikat

Passed a medical terminology exam for doctors who did not graduate in Germany, organised at German medical chamber in Stuttgart, C1 level.

  • Dr Marjan Fabjan, MD, spacialist plastic surgeon – obtained Goethe Zertifikat at B2 level in Ljubljana;
  • Ms Eva Strgar, urban planning student, obtained Goethe Zertifikat at B1 level

»After a 10-day course in Karnion, I have passed my German exam. Fighting foreign languages in Karnion is a piece of cake.«

Jan Softič, kick-boxing world champion


Another two important factors of success in Karnion are custom-made programmes and real coaching implemented by a coach- teacher. This means that our students study topics that they need and are interested in. Student-specific topics are custom-made both at beginner levels as well as the most advanced ones.

Jani Grilc - tečaj nemščine


  • German for craftsmen (beginner and advanced)
  • German for medical professionals (medical workers, doctors)
  • Coaching – Dialogics – the language of responsibility in German
  • Personal growth programme in German (according to Martin Kojc)


After finishing your course, you can stay in contact with your teacher through e-learning which is also custom-made according to your needs. This will significantly contribute to improving your communication with business partners.


Your performance in a company that requires a good command of German or in case you decide to find employment abroad depends largely on your command of German.
Three of our German teachers are also native speakers of German who will acquaint you with German culture, way of communicating and doing business in German-speaking countries.

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