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The Karnion method, which includes listening in the alpha state, in which the content is remembered 4 times faster and goes directly into your long-term memory, and one-on-one conversation with a teacher, has become widely known and appreciated since we have already been on the market for 25 years. Language knowledge cannot be acquired only through conversation, listening is of utmost importance. During listening you will obtain new vocabulary that you will activate during conversation lessons. As you know, we learn our mother tongue with listening to our parents or other care-givers and in this way, this method represents the most natural way of learning.

The languages that you can learn in Karnion besides English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian are also: Slovenian, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Serbian, Croatian and Portuguese. We also teach foreigners who have little or no command of Slovene; we have taught English to Russian people, Italian to Americans, English to Spanish people and Slovenian to French people as well as many other interesting combinations.

All our teachers are highly qualified, with many years of experience teaching according to the Karnion method. There are also some native speakers in our team, all of them are qualified teachers and speak Slovenian fluently.




Holistični center Karnion

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