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The Karnion method, which includes listening in the alpha state, in which the content is remembered 4 times faster and goes directly into your long-term memory, and one-on-one conversation with a teacher, has become widely known and appreciated since we have already been on the market for 25 years. Language knowledge cannot be acquired only through conversation, listening is of utmost importance. During listening you will obtain new vocabulary that you will activate during conversation lessons. As you know, we learn our mother tongue with listening to our parents or other care-givers and in this way, this method represents the most natural way of learning.

»Learning English according to the Karnion superlearning method is highly efficient and at the same time pleasant and fun, what is more, it leads to new discoveries. Active listening is of vital importance together with pleasant and empathic conversation with a teacher.«

Prof Marjan Zaletel, MD, specialist neurologist

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What does the course look like?

The course is quite intensive; it is usually comprised of 4 or 8 lessons a day. To achieve maximum accumulation effect in speaking, we recommend that a 40-lesson training course is completed in 14 days.

Prior to the beginning of the course, you are tested to assess your knowledge (understanding, writing, reading and speaking) according to the European criteria of foreign language knowledge (levels between A1 and C2). According to the results, a custom-made programme is prepared for you. For example, if you are already able to communicate in a foreign language but you have some gaps from a basic level, only these gaps are filled and then learning is continued on a higher level. This is quite impossible in language schools that carry out courses according to fixed programmes (books).


According to conventional methods, a beginner needs about 800 lessons to achieve level B2. We can guide you to the same result in 200 lessons, whereas it would take you 1,074 lessons to achieve that in Slovenian school system.


 KARNION 8 hours a day (1 person)OTHER SCHOOLS (conventional methods) 3 hours 2 times a week (3-12 people)
Number of hoursNumber of weeksNumber of hoursNumber of weeks

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How you tackle learning English if you are a beginner is very important. Learning a foreign language should be a joyful experience such as a child experiences when discovering new things. Our 25 years of experience clearly show that the Karnion method awakens the joy of learning which enables our students to start speaking sooner.

Ms Mojca Pažar Gulin wrote the following words after attending a beginners’ course in Karnion:

»On Friday we returned from our trip to Australia. To describe our journey in a single sentence, I would say it was incredible, a magnificent country that inspired all of us. I started using English quite fast. At the Milan airport I was invited to attend a presentation of cosmetics and I was happy to notice that I was able to communicate rather well and have spontaneously started to speak. After that it got better and better since I had lost my fear of speaking. I was very happy and proud of myself. And then, it felt very good to be able to understand and speak to flight-attendants.

I would like thank everyone at Karnion for being able to communicate in English during my trip to Australia.«


Another two important factors of success in Karnion are custom-made programmes and real coaching implemented by a coach- teacher. This means our students study topics that they need and are interested in. Student-specific topics are custom-made both at beginner levels as well as the most advanced ones.

Mr Robert Hierl, a crisis manager from Germany confirms that there is no comparably efficient method of foreign language learning in Germany.


If we desire business success, Slovenia soon becomes too small. To be able to share your ideas and knowledge with the world, it is necessary to speak English. Karnion offers specialised business language courses, such as law, finance, mechanical engineering, electricity, medicine, IT, logistics, construction, etc.

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Coaching in English is intended for people who lead smaller or bigger teams or/and want to achieve personal or professional growth. Our coaching course is best described by Tatjana Gabrovšek (Eles, Ltd), who lived in the United States for 3 years before taking the course.

»After taking Manica’s life coaching class you are imbued with a sensation that pushes you forward in your discoveries of life and interpersonal relationships and all that in a way you can’t even imagine it is possible.«

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Saša Einsiedler (video)


Exam terms, final exams, your employer’s demands for obtaining international language knowledge certificates are all factors that can significantly influence the speed of language learning. The courses in Karnion are carried out in a relaxed alpha state in which stress hormones are cleansed from the body, in this way eliminating stress and enabling you to pass any exam quickly and successfully.

We are proud to be able to say that in the 25 years of our presence on the market not a single one of our students has failed an exam outside our institution. We consider this to be a great success.

I had only one exam left at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Kranj – an English exam. This was when my nightmare really started. Until I came across Karnion. It was already during my first visit that my fear of English began to disappear. I was thrilled to discover that I would get motivation, knowledge, better self-esteem and personal growth in this place. To be honest, there were some hard moments when I would leave the faculty without success. But … A certain process started in my mind. For some people it happens faster, for others a bit slower. BUT it happened. At night, after I hard day I would go to bed totally exhausted and in fear whether I would be able to fall asleep at all (after all the trouble with my English). It was then that English words started to appear and race around my head. Sort of like when you buy some fireworks for New Year’s and set them off all at the same time. They raced around my head, competing which one would be faster. Each word had its own purpose and charm. There were about 120 students attending the lectures. We had a quiz and were divided into two groups. I was sitting in third row and could hardly wait to hear the question. I answered for my group so fast that others did not even get a chance to contribute. Words just seemed to fly out of my mouth. I was proud and called the Karnion staff and explained what was happening to me. All the effort and hard work I put into my courses paid off; alpha state definitely works. I graduated together with my colleagues. Today I go abroad without fear and nervousness about speaking English. My sincere thanks go to all the staff in Karnion.

Thank you, Karnion.

Ana Maria Mitrovič, student at Faculty of Organisational Sciences and entrepreneur


Denis Šketako, triathlon competitor:

»Learning a foreign language using the superlearning method really works.«


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Denis Šketako


We are often asked the questions whether this method is suitable for children. The answer is yes, on condition they are at least 9 years old.

A special custom-made programme is prepared for each child since they have different needs and wishes. Children study English in Karnion either because they want to improve their grades at school or because their parents wish them to spend some quality time, for example during school holidays. In Karnion, children can have fun and at the same time improve their English.

»I would like to thank you for helping my son Dani to develop his speaking skills. Dani suffers from a mild mental disorder and was not able to say a complete sentence without learning it in advance for oral tests. We have noticed that since he started attending lessons in Karnion, also his Slovenian speaking skills have developed. He has improved his grade in English for a whole level. This year is the first time for him to be able to say complete sentences and express his feelings and thoughts at home. He tells us that he is well-liked and supported by his fellow students. Due to the fact that learning materials in the seventh grade are very extensive, we have decided to work on Dani’s stronger sides. He is very fond of crafts.

Dani is becoming more and more independent. This year he has started studying without external encouragement and he is getting his own grades.

I would like to thank you for organising learning processes in the way that it is informative, logical and useful…
Dani was the reason I came across your organisation. I had given up on him since I was not able to help him anymore. Then I came across your page on the Internet. Also Peter Prevc impressed me in the advert. If it helped him, it would help us too. Also my other two children, Toni and Teja, now have better grades in English, thanks to your help. My sincerest thanks go to their teacher Darija, who has put a lot of effort into helping us and succeeded at it.« (Martina)

 Martina Krašna

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