Angleščina za začetnike – kombinacija poslušanja v alfa stanju in individualne obravnave učitelja
17. 4. 2023

Learning a foreign language in Karnion is a unique experience

People from abroad who are interested in learning a foreign language have more or less similar questions before their decision is made.

Why do you believe someone from a different country would come to Slovenia to learn a foreign language?

  1. First and foremost, due to the effective and efficient approach of the method. Only in 5 days a person could make an incredible progress for which he/she would require at least 160 hours. This would entail a year of conventional learning.
  2. The program is customized to the needs of the individual. The emphasis is on the requirements of the participant which are then recorded and then actively put into use during the lessons.
  3. At the same time the participant undergoes an anti-stress treatment which relieves 60% of the stress hormones.
  4. If the participants come from a different part of the world to learn a foreign language he/she is totally focused on the task that is at hand, relieved from the other duties which in turn enhances the memory capacity.
  5. The participant will become familiar with a new country. We have a beautiful capital which was awarded The Green Capital of Europe in 2014. Lonely planet ranked us the second top European destination, right after Greece.

How is it possible that someone could make such astonishing progress?

At Karnion you will learn the foreign language with the help of a special mind machine. You will be in the state of deep relaxation, the so-called alpha state which is essential for an accelerated learning process. The knowledge will go directly into the brain center. According to our 26-year-long experience, we can attest to the fact that this method is 4 times quicker than other methods. The right side of the brain, which is the learning center for languages, is activated. Furthermore, the knowledge will flow into your long-term memory. The knowledge is subconsciously learnt and is easily accessed when required.

We use the European standards, which entail levels from A1 to C2. If the participant is on a level of A2, he/she can expect to reach B1. This is the average progress that could be anticipated.

When does the student speak or learn how to read and write?

After 45 minutes of listening, you have a 45-minute conversation with your teacher. The teacher will help you activate the text you have listened to and will work on your writing skills. You will develop all four skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

How come you are the only ones providing this method?

It seems that we are the only ones that really knew how to take advantage of the impact that the brain stimulants and relaxation could bring. Moreover, we were able to use Dr. Lozanov’s findings and apply them to modern times. Through the years we have enhanced this process and have been entrusted with the top athletes and managers. Nowadays there is also an ever increasing number of foreigners who have contacted us and who have found us through internet.

Karnion also cooperates with exceptional Slovenian neurologists. Our technology is so-called medical superlearning. Two crucial medical devices are required in order to carry out the learning process: the oxygen treatment as well as the magnetic resonance therapy. According to an American study only the oxygen treatment enables you to remember from 20 to 30% more new words.

How would this training take place?

In general the training takes place in 5 days, 8 school hours daily, 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon. There is time during the lunch break for H.W., a walk as well as relaxation therapies, which regenerate the body for the next day. During this week there would also be time for sightseeing and becoming familiar with our culture.

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